Vending trolleys

For entrepreneurs that do not have a permanent store such as a shop or kiosk, we have two vending trolley models on offer. They can be customised to any company’s brand specifications and come with a few optional extras. Need to trade at night? Not a problem. Our vending trolleys come with an optional option of solar lighting, phone charging and music.

Both vending trolley models have the following standard and optional extra features:

• Branded sides and front with display window.
• Parasol holder
• Solar Power lighting, phone charging and blue tooth speaker (Optional Extra)
• Branded Parasol (Optional Extra)
• Metal frame and rubber tyres (Multi-purpose trolley has offroad tyres).

To get a comprehensive quotation for your next vending trolley order get in contact with us. Our prices are competative and the trolley build quality is of a high standard. Below are a few of our trolleys currently in the trade in Africa.

Vending Trolleys
Juro Vending Trolleys