Superior Build Quality And Performance

Juro™ Fibreglass Kiosks are extremely popular in Africa due to their build quality and performance. The fibreglass kiosks allow the Mobile Money agent the freedom to do business in an enclosed and secure environment. Juro Kiosks are found on streets of many of the big cities in Africa. They act as a multipurpose vehicle for almost any vendor based business. They are very eye catching in appearance and stand out from the original fixed and metal based structures. Order your Juro fibreglass kiosk today and take your business to the people on the streets.


Below are  some key points regarding our fibreglass kiosks:

1) Juro Fibreglass Kiosks typically last more than 10 Years outdoors if looked after correctly.
2) The surface finish (colour) is scratch resistant gelcoat , UV stabilized , acid resistant.
3) Each Kiosk is built using the chopper gun method.
4) Our Units have 2mm to 3mm wall thickness and are very strong with high impact
5) We offer a variety of optional extras such as solar and lighting etc because we aim to create an entire solution for our clients.
6) Juro Solar Kit for the kiosks are available as optional extras.
7) Low maintenance. No need to paint , maintenance free. To keep in good condition, we advise that the kiosks be washed as often as you would wash a car.
8) UV resistant , rust proof and structurally sound.
9) Floor Panels have a non slip surface.
10) Kiosks have security fitted as standard (TrelliDor’s, Security Grills, Floor Safe)

Juro’s current fibreglass kiosk CKD range consists of the Juro™ Mini Kiosk J100 Series, Juro™ Single Kiosk J150 Series, Juro™ Standard Kiosk J200 Series,  Juro™ Style Kiosk J250 Series, Juro™ Double Kiosk J300 Series, Juro™ Maxi Kiosk J400 Series and the Juro™ Jumbo Kiosk J500 Series. Our Kiosk range is truly multi purpose and can be shipped in (CKD – Completely Knocked Down) or completely assembled form.

Contact us today for a comprehensive Fibreglass Kiosk solution. We offer a free artwork service.

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