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We offer a variety of innovative, below the line branding and solutions for various industries across the African Continent. Juro™ Specialises in the manufacturing and branding of the ever popular Fibreglass Mobile Money Kiosks and Vending Trolleys.

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Our History


Our fibreglass Footprint in Africa.

Juro Trading (Pty) Ltd is a SADEC registered South African importer and Exporter of fibreglass kiosks. Our headquarters are in  Cape Town South Africa, with our fibreglass factory located in East London, South Africa. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our recent product launches and projects.

Juro specializes in the design, marketing and supply of innovative Fibreglass Kiosks, vending trolleys and related advertising materials to the African continent and abroad. Our most popular products are the Fibreglass Kiosks which can be found by clicking here.

With the advent of smart phone technology, internet connectivity and solar powered solutions, Juro has geared it’s product base to access the previously untapped and massive market potential in Africa. We also
pride ourselves on the impact our Fibreglass products have when it comes to the financial inclusion situation in Africa.

More and more Corporates across all sectors are looking at growth potential in these so called  “invisible spaces”, by utilising the Juro fibreglass Kiosks, vending trolleys and advertising materials as access and distribution points. Our kiosks have been tried and tested by the heavyweights of the fintech and mobile network industries throughout the years.

By using the latest in solar and internet connectivity , Juro is reaching these markets, and as a direct result, we are empowering African micro entrepreneurs from start-ups to successful business people through the use of our fibreglass kiosks, vending trolleys and advertising materials.

This in turn is creating direct and indirect jobs from these previously untapped market potentials…

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Our Vision


We Share the African Dream

With the rise of independent Mobile Money Agents and Aggregators across the African continent, tapping into the revolution of sending and receiving cash, making utility payments on mobile and connected platforms, the Juro Fibreglass Kiosk and vending trolleys has provided the perfect link to consumers from rural and untapped spaces. Information about our vending trolleys can be accessed here.

Juro is committed to South African developed and produced fibreglass Kiosks and related below the line advertising materials. We are proud to showcase Cape Town and East London as premium cities of supply to Africa and abroad. The kiosks are manufactured to the highest ISO Standard required which makes them last more than 10 years in the African trade allowing for a better return on investment for the client.

We are passionate about the growth potential of the emerging micro entrepreneurs, who through technology and our Fibreglass Kiosks and vending trolleys, are fast becoming financially included in  the African economies.

Juro is dedicated to serve under the stewardship of Godly Principles and we are committed to making a positive difference in the daily lives of people through our Fibreglass Kiosk job creation models and through use of smart solar and cellular technology.

We are committed to the principle of considering other people’s needs above our own. We strive to serve a purpose, rather than just to achieve bottom lines.

Juro is also an accredited supplier of Anti Mosquito and Malaria products. As part of making a difference in Africa, these anti malaria products fit perfectly into our model of making a difference to the daily lives of people in rural Africa. If you would like to see more examples of our fibreglass products please feel free to click the link below and visit our Youtube channel.

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