Fibreglass for African Entrepreneurs

Whether you work for a mobile company or some other type of product related company that requires display cabinets, the Airport & Mall Kiosks will be suitable for you. At Juro we offer 3 different models of Airport & Mall Kiosks. The construction of the kiosks are both slick in appearance as well as strong with regards to durability and stability. The kiosks are shipped in “Ready to Assemble” modular structures.

The kiosks are branded according to the clients’ company brand guidelines and can come in a wide range of colours. To ease the colour selection process we can create an artwork mock up so as to illustrate what the Airport or mall kiosk will look like in the respective branding. To see a Airport & Mall Kiosk being built please click HERE

The Airport & Mall Kiosks come with the following features:

• Display Cases
• Bolted on Television Sets
• Under Counter LED Lighting
• Plenty of display surfaces
• Glass Shelving

Below are some of the options we currently have in the African Trade.

An Airport & Mall Kiosk collage
Airport & Mall Kiosks collage